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KFilter is a library implementing an Extended Kalman Filter in C++. Configurable template classes are available. Subclassing allows to define different matrix contents for the filter to work with. Kalman filters are used for some time now, in aeronautics, robot vision and robotics in general. It is useful to estimate a state vector and correct the estimation by using measures taken from sensors. Its main uses is for tracking or data fusion. The library is fully operational and has been used in two research projects at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal.


January 27th 2008
Kalman-1.3 is now available. It includes an important bug fix for users of 0-based arrays (BEG==0). Your bug reports and comments are important to keep this library alive. Thanks for the bug report that allowed this important new release.
April 9th 2007
Kalman-1.2 is now available. GCC 4.+ didn't like the use of old strstream header, so I had to add some conditional code for the library to compile both on GCC 4.+ and MSVC++ 6.0. If someone out there tries to compile on one of those compilers, I would be glad to hear about it. Thanks.
February 4th 2007
Kalman-1.1 is now available. I finally repaired the template compilation bug on newer gcc versions. The documentation link is now functional also.
February 25th 2006
Site main update.
February 20th 2006
Site inauguration.